Groep 5 t/m 8 – Hands-on Science Workshops!


In this series of workshops, we will discover the intriguing world of chemistry, physics and mechanics.

Every lesson, we will start with some theory and demonstrations, proceed to do some experiments and finish by making a little product to take home.

As an example, here’s a short overview of a chemistry workshop and an electricity workshop:

We will first give a demonstration of different liquids floating upon each other without mixing. This phenomenon will be explained by giving a brief introduction to densities and hydrophobic liquids.

Next, the pupils themselves will make a pile of 7 different liquids.

Finally, we make a fragrant and nourishing two-layered bath oil to take home.

In the physics workshops about electricity, a lot of small experiments about static electricity will be done, and electric circuits will be explored. There’s the possibility to make a little ‘brush bot’ to take home.

Other subjects include: chromatography, perfume, (self-made) bouncing balls, bath bombs, wire crafting (aluminium vs iron vs silver), (self-made) paper tags, etc.


  • Doelgroep: Groep 5, Groep 6, Groep 7, Groep 8
  • Data: maandag vanaf week 10 (14 weken)
  • Tijd: 15.15 -16.15 uur
  • Osbervation lesson: maandag 24 juni
  • Locatie: crea ruimte/lokaal bij BSO Anne Frank/ISU


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