Groep 4 t/m 7 jaar – Personality Development Theater


Have you ever thought about the best Gift you can give to your child? What if you could gift your child imagination, communication and expression?

Children are natural actors and love to express themselves. From drama to comprehension, from exercising their body, to strengthening their voice, from working individually to growing together, ‘My Kinder Theatre’ will help our children bloom into confident personalities.

Add to that, appreciation for literature, improving their vocabulary, public speaking and lots of fun!


  • Doelgroep: Groep 1, Groep 2, Groep 3, Groep 4
  • Data: Tuesdays, 27 October – 9 February
  • Tijd: 15.15-16.15 ( plus 15 min eerder om de kinderen te halen)
  • Locatie: crea lokaal bij BSO Anne Frank/ISU


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