Drawing and painting


All my life I paint hearts. It is the most beautiful thing we have because without a heart we cannot live, nor can we live without Love! Paint with acrylic on linen, make a lot of collages and put works in a plexiglass cabinet. I love working with lots of color, butterflies, painting life-sized plastic animals such as cows, dogs, cats and more. I collect things, keep everything and that could be a shell someone gave me once or a handwritten one letter or card. I still have them from when I was little. Also make a lot of works on commission and then people sometimes deliver their loved ones stuff in and then I make a special heart out of it. Everything has a nice personal and own story. I want to make people happy with my work.

  • Soort: creatief
  • Doelgroep: 8 - 12 years
  • Data: Thursdays, Oct.28 Nov. 2.9
  • Tijd: 2.45-3.45 PM (plus 15 min after due to pick-up)
  • Locatie: Class room ISUtrecht

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