Drawing and painting by Ginneke van de KOM


Everyone can draw and paint, but in these lessons, you learn all kinds of tricks with which you can make the most beautiful artworks. Drawing and painting is mainly about having fun. You create your own artwork and you decide what is allowed. So, there is no error.

To draw

  • Draw perspective -> depth in a drawing
  • Shadow and light
  • Different materials; charcoal, pencil, markers, pastels, wasco, ink, etc
  • Proportions; how big do you draw the arms and a body or how big should this building be?


  • Plasticity -> 3D painting
  • Shadow and light
  • Different materials; ecoline, watercolor, acrylics, paints with the addition of various materials (sand, paste, rope, paper, etc.), etc
  • Composition-> where do you place an object on your painting and how large?
  • Soort: creatief
  • Doelgroep: 4 - 7 years
  • Data: Thursdays, Oct.28 Nov. 2.9
  • Tijd: 2.45-3.45 PM (plus 15 min after due to pick-up)
  • Locatie: Class room ISUtrecht

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