Welcome to our activities web shop!

KMN Kind & Co organises activities for children in various municipalities. These can be after school activities in cooperation with the school (the After School Activity Program, ASAP), or out-of-school activities, organised especially for children who attend one of the KMN Kind & Co Out-of-School care locations. Additionally we also offer activities for children aged 0 to 4 years old.

To make the registration and payment process easier, you can use this web shop and pay via IDEAL. We would like to point out that all these activities are local, and organised specifically for children from a certain school, district, or location.

To register your child, please visit the activities page. On this page you can choose the municipality where you live, and if applicable, the district or location relevant to you and your child. You can also find the newsletter on this page. If your hometown is different from where the location or school is based, please choose the municipality where the activity will take place.

Please click on the activity that you want to register your child(ren) for and place this activity in the ‘shopping cart’. After the payment is completed you will receive a message that your application has been received and is being processed. At a later date KMN Kind & Co will inform you whether your child has indeed successfully enrolled for the activity. If your child cannot be placed in the activity group, or if an activity is unexpectedly cancelled due to an insufficient amount of registrations, the registration fee will be refunded.

ALL children, including those who attend our Out-of-School care locations, have to be registered via this web shop, unless other arrangements have been made. If your child attends one of Kind & Co’s locations at the day of the chosen activity, the registration fee is often discounted. This discount will be processed via the web shop. You will find more information regarding this on the page of the activity.